Tea Protocol Testnet: Time-Sensitive– Act Now!🪂

The highly anticipated Tea Incentivized Testnet has launched.

Earlier on, users were allowed to secure early access tickets to the testnet.

With over $8 million raised in funding rounds, Tea protocol is set to reward developers and users alike for their contribution.

The testnet went live on February 22, 2024. However, it is limited to last for 12 days only.

In this post, we’ll delve into the Tea protocol and how you can join its time-sensitive incentive testnet.

What Is Tea Protocol And Its Incentivised Testnet?

Tea Protocol empowers developers to maintain open-source projects and earn rewards, fostering secure software ecosystems.

It tackles the “Nebraska problem” by ensuring smooth project operation anytime, anywhere.

Backed by Binance Labs, the platform leverages its token to reward influential projects based on their impact within the ecosystem.

Tea Protocol aims for a Q2 2024 token launch and allocates a significant portion (32%) to early supporters.

Recently, it launched its testnet, offering incentives to the community.

While the exact rewards are yet to be revealed, the focus lies on community engagement and contribution recognition.

How To Participate in the Tea Protocol Incentivised TestnetSign up using your Google, Windows or Discord account.Continue your registration by either linking your GitHub account or by using just a username.

Note: Linking your GitHub account earns you Points, offering greater leverage than opting for a username.

Click “Authorize The tea app” if you opted for the GitHub account.Complete the registration by retaining your GitHub name, or click “I want to use a different username” if you prefer to use a different username.You will be ushered into your dashboard with 10,000 Tea Tesnet tokens and “375” Points.To earn more points, click on “All Quests” and complete tasks.

That’s it about how to participate in the Tea incentivised Testnet event.

Let’s conclude!

Participation in the Tea testnet event is time-sensitive, lasting only 12 days.

So you may want to start now to start accumulating those points before it becomes too late.

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