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They can’t quarantine your mind

Saturn.Network is more than a Crypto exchange, first it operates on both the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic chains. They also specialize in free airdrops, and offer 0% on all maker orders.

The network also has a wallet web extension, one that I’ve used with Brave browser. It looks like a clone of meta mask, though upgraded recently to look less so. It seamlessly switches between ETH, ETC and Tomo chains. Double check gas prices when switching between them, ETC uses much less but can get stuck on ETH settings.

Being on, two chainz, means two native tokens, Saturn ETH DAO and Saturn Classic DAO. Both tokens entitle holders to a share of their Saturn network traffic, and airdrops.

The exchange offers airdrops and tools for tokens to do airdrops. I check my wallet on the airdrop function, to see what I can claim. There’s generally something new every month or two.

The selection of tokens is unique and eclectic. Made up of deflationary, other exchange, scarcity driven, tokens like SHOCK, PYRO, VYA, UNI, XNC, XPAYPRO, and ETC coins like ONEX, ONE, and EBOMB.

They also carry a decent amount of your standard ones, but those can be had many places. The listing process is mostly decentralized on Saturn. I’ve even seen Rise Only Markets.

Markets where the price can only go up. I like that. I hear the US stock markets, want to get rid of shorting. They should just make their markets, rise only.

They’ll do promotional listings for a fee, probably lower than other exchanges. They also offer airdrop help and packages. One of the best DEX options in crypto.

Saturn ETH DAO is trading @ $0.001, Saturn Classic DAO is trading @ $0.0002.

Now you don’t even need to leave to swap over 400 different cryptos. Here @

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