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To satisfy the demands of miners in partnership allotting profits earned by mining, has launched a function of multi-address payment on 28th July 2021. Miners can set multiple addresses under BTC sub-accounts and adjust the earning proportion of each address and the pool will respectively distribute profits to addresses based on the earning proportion of each one.

For example, Tom, Jerry, John, and David jointly bought a batch of miners, with a plan to distribute earnings upon the proportion of their investment in miners.

Without Multi-Address Payment function enabled:

All of four people, setting the same and unique earning address in pool account, need to safeguard their interests by using some techniques such as splitting private keys or signing agreements to get the help of legislation, all of which have low inefficiency, complicated allocation rules, and high legal risk. Meanwhile, there may be circumstances in which partners have different risk appetites for digital currencies. For example, Jerry inclines to directly sell coins after withdrawal but Tom hopes to save balance in the pool to await chances of secondary market, making the operation more complex.

With Multi-Address Payment function enabled:

When using the function of multi-address payment: Each person can bind his own address under a sub-account, adjust the earning proportion of each address in the website(supporting two decimal places), and set notes and payment threshold of each one. Partners do not need to allocate profits by themselves, lowering the costs of operation and learning. And Each partner also has full control over his assets according to his own investment habits.

Key Points:

1. Each sub-account can add up to 20 addresses. If you need more, please contact to apply.

2. pool web and app will launch the function of multi-address payment simultaneously and miners need to upgrade the app to the latest version (1.0.8).

3. If you add and delete addresses or modify earning proportion, we will suspend the payment of all addresses under this sub-account for 48 hours.

4. The function of multi-address payment currently supports BTC sub-accounts and will support ETH and so on.

5. The balance data of the mining pool no longer includes the estimated profit today on the platform page, only the actual profit already present is displayed.

How to set it?

1. Please click Pool Dashboard on the top-right corner in

2. Please click Settings and Wallet Address.

3. Please click Add Address.

4. Pleas input an address, proportion, and payment threshold

5. Please click Next Step after done the above settings.

6. Please fill in phone or email verification.

7. You can change the proportion, add or delete addresses on the page as pictured. pool is committed to improving miners’ income and mining experience, and will continue to upgrade and optimize functions to serve miners!

Happy mining!

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