3 Best Free Crypto Airdrop Checker Tools (All Popular Blockchains)

Crypto airdrops are one of the best ways for a blockchain or a protocol to invite new users to explore their platform and use it. It is a win-win scenario, as a user like you and me can interact with platforms, and the platform rewards us with some token. Now, the value of these tokens may not be much initially, but as more users start using the platform, trading of these tokens increases, and the value grows.

If it is up to me, I would dedicate an entire website to Crypto airdrops, as this is perhaps one of the easiest ways for a crypto project to get initial traction.

Now, as the number of blockchains is increasing, it is becoming equally hard to keep track of airdrops. Often these airdrops are time-sensitive, so if you don’t claim your eligible token, you may miss it forever. It has happened to many of us, and this is why I’m adding this resource here that will help you check if your wallet (on all popular blockchains) is eligible for present and past airdrops. I’m also sharing some degen tricks for crypto airdrops, which many of you might find very useful.

Top Crypto Airdrops Checker and Tracker Platforms:
1. Lootbot – Automated Crypto Airdrop Tool

Lootbot is a crypto airdrop hunter platform, which also automatically notifies you if your wallet is compatible with any airdrop. For example, in January 2024 when $WEN (Solana Meme coin) was launched, it was distributed to all users who were using this airdrop automated assistant.

It would be really helpful if Lootbot offered a way to check airdrop eligibility for a wallet address, that will make this tool all the more useful, and will attract more users who like the culture of airdrop farming and hunting.

Watch this video to learn more about Lootbot

2. Leapwallet Cosmos Airdrop Checker

Leapwallet and Keplr are two popular wallets for the Cosmos ecosystem, and I discovered Leapwallet because of their free Cosmos blockchain Airdrop checker.

You can simply enter your cosmos wallet address to check all available airdrops for your address, and use claim to learn more and start the airdrop claim process.

A word of advice:

It is a good idea to read about these airdrops using $Cashtag on Twitter or Reddit before starting the claiming process. Just to be extra safe.

3. Solworks – Free Solana Airdrop Checker Tool

If you are looking for a free Solana crypto airdrop checker tool where you can check wallet eligibility without connecting with your wallet, this tool will be useful for you.

This tool is developed by Solworks and it supports Solana, ETH, and EVM wallet addresses.

Interesting bit: While I enjoy creating such resources for my users like you, I have to tell you that crypto blogging is often rewarding, while curating this resource for airdrop finder, I ended up finding an airdrop worth $850 which my wallet is eligible. 😄

FAQs related to Crypto Airdrop:

Are Crypto Airdrops Profitable?

Crypto airdrops can be profitable, as you receive cryptocurrencies for participating in the protocol or blockchain. However, not all airdrops are profitable, and your success rate may not be 100%.

Which are the biggest crypto airdrops?

Uniswap, a decentralized exchange, distributed about 0 million worth of UNI tokens to its users. Another significant crypto airdrop was by $ape, where users earned more than $100 million worth of tokens.

Does claiming an airdrop cost money?

Airdrops are usually free, but you might need to pay the gas fees of the blockchain, which could cost a few cents or a few dollars, depending on the blockchain you are interacting with.

What are Airdrop hunters?

Airdrop hunters are either a single user or a group of users who interact with multiple protocols on various blockchains to hunt for airdrops. They often create numerous wallets to profit from these airdrops.

Are crypto airdrops scams?

Crypto airdrops are real, but like a big part of crypto, you will find many scams. Especially when a legitimate airdrop is happening, many scammers will create similar-looking websites to hack unaware and innocent users’ wallets. You should always double-check if the address you are interacting with is legitimate and clicked from the official resource or not. Be very careful!

Find Crypto Airdrops and get free Crypto tokens:

As this space is constantly evolving, I will add more crypto airdrop finder tools in the future. If you are a developer and would like to develop such a tool for the CoinSutra community, feel free to write an email to use.

Also, if you feel that there are tools that should be included in this list, let us know via comments.

Note: I urge you to read about the concept of a crypto burner wallet to ensure your safety while claiming an airdrop.

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